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LSA Borough Champagne Tulip Glass 285ml


LSA champagne glass with wide, tulip-shaped bowls which narrow towards the rim. A deep, V-shaped 'sparkle point' in the bowl enhances bubbles. Made from lead-free crystalline glass for clarity and strength.

  • Tulip-shaped bowls
  • Fine stems
  • Flat feet
  • Dishwasher-safe glass

Borough Collection

A comprehensive range of wine, beer and cocktail drinkware with contemporary shapes. Inspired by local communities around the world who enjoy neighbourhood socialising.

Price is for a single glass.

LSA Dusk Champagne Single Flute

Perfect for celebrating with a glass of fizz. Handmade champagne flutes featuring an optic effect. Each glass is handpainted with an iridescent lustre in shades of green and grey, inspired by the colours in the sky at dusk. Combine with other items in the Dusk collection to add colour to your tabletop. Ideal for wine or cocktails. Ideal for celebratory occasions. Packaged in photographic box. These flutes can be sold as a single item, as they come boxed in pairs in LSA packaging if a single one is ordered it will not be packaged in the LSA BOX.Price illustrated is for a single glass and single engraving. Capacity: 250ml Height: 23cm Width: 6cm Engraving will be positioned onto the base of the flute as the glasses are hand painted this does not allow us to engrave on that section of the glass.   Should you wish to purchase a presentation box that hold 2 glasses and also a space for inserting your tipple of choice please click here to order

LSA Otis Champagne/Cocktail Single Glass

Wide, flat-based bowls create a modern, angular silhouette.

A mouth-blown champagne/cocktail saucers with cylindrical bowls and an angular, geometric profile.

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Cylindrical bowls with flat bases
  • Hand-drawn stems
  • Engraving charge is per glass and allows for approx 3 lines of text to one side, should you require a design or logo please get in touch and we will be happy to assist. These glasses are boxed in 4's therefore if you should require single gift boxes please click here

LSA Single Sunray Champagne Saucer

LSA  Sunray champagne saucers with a sunshine radial effect cut into the base of each glass. The wide bowl suits the taste of sweeter champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine, while the long stem helps keep the bowl chilled. Presented in photographic packaging,  an ideal gift for enjoying a glass of bubbly or a sweet cocktail in classic style. 300ML ON OFFER WHILE STOCKS LAST Price illustrated is per glass and engraving is per glass. These fabulous glasses come boxed in pairs if however you order a single glass it will not be in the LSA packaging.

LSA Theatre Champagne Flute 130ml Tier/Clear

Details: Champagne glass with disc detail applied by hand to each stem. Expert craftsmanship is required to mouth blow the fine bowls, shape the feet and draw the stems by hand. Available in clear glass.
  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Tall, hand-drawn stems
  • Tiered detail on stem
Capacity: 130ml Height: 26cm Width: 7cm Due to their handmade nature, the size of these items may vary slightly. Materials & making: The Champagne Theatre flute is mouth blown and formed by a team of master glassblowers. The bowl of the clear glass is blown into a mould and the stem is hand drawn from it. A small disc is then applied and shaped and another stem part is drawn. Finally, the foot is shaped and applied. The complex process takes place while the glass is still hot and malleable. The fine rim is fire polished to achieve a smooth finish. * Price is for a single glass