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LSA Aurelia Balloon Glass

A versatile balloon glass suitable for wine, gin, water and a range of other drinks. The distinctive optic effect of the Aurelia collection and hand drawn stem can be produced by only the most skilled artisans. A piece to be enjoyed at any occasion. Capacity: 570ml, Height: 23cm, Width: 10.5cm Glasses can be bought in any quantity- if four are purchased they will be packaged in the LSA box Pricing is per glass and engraving is per glass. Engraving will be positioned around the base of the glass. Due to the small area we advise a short message. Should you wish a gift box , this box can hold a single or set of 2 glasses  please order here     We also have an option of a tubular single glass gift box please order here

LSA Borough Champagne Tulip Glass 285ml


LSA champagne glass with wide, tulip-shaped bowls which narrow towards the rim. A deep, V-shaped 'sparkle point' in the bowl enhances bubbles. Made from lead-free crystalline glass for clarity and strength.

  • Tulip-shaped bowls
  • Fine stems
  • Flat feet
  • Dishwasher-safe glass

Borough Collection

A comprehensive range of wine, beer and cocktail drinkware with contemporary shapes. Inspired by local communities around the world who enjoy neighbourhood socialising.

Price is for a single glass.

LSA Otis White Wine Glass

An angular wine glass with a minimal, modernist design. Hand drawn stems elevate straight sided, cylindrical bowls. The geometric shape offers contemporary presentation for entertaining. Price is per single glass. 240ml Engraving per glass £10 extra – should you require 1 or 2 glasses they will be packaged into a standard box not as illustrated on website unless taking x 4 off. Price illustrated is for a single glass Capacity: 240ml, Height: 10.5cm, Width: 7.5cm If you are ordering a single glass and wish a single glass gift box please click here Should you wish a set of 2 glass gift box please click here