Nickel plated cups suitable for engraving.

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Swatkins Hand Chased Elegance Revolution Trophy

Supreme¬† award nickel plated mounted onto¬† plinth band allowing more room for engraving. Made in UK by skilled craftsman, hand chasing detail on the cup. Height 10" Engraving charge allows for approx 3-4 lines of text - should you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch our inhouse engravers are always happy to assist.  

NH 14.25in Handchased Nickel Plated Revolution Award

Nickel plated hand chased cup manufactured in UK with deeper base for engraving. Perfect for engraving and your title will be positioned to one side please enquire for extra charge if you require 2 sides or a logo to be engraved.   Height 14"