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LSA Cask decanter set with 2 glasses

Contemporary mouth-blown whisky tumblers and an oblong-shaped decanter. Winner of a GOOD DESIGN Award.

A contemporary whisky set comprising a decanter and two tumblers. The decanter is mouth blown by skilled artisans to create a straight-sided shape, oblong in cross section, with its corresponding rectangular stopper ground by hand for a perfect fit. The mouth-blown tumblers have a cube-shaped impression in the heavy base, reminiscent of a large ice cube, to complement the geometric shape of the decanter.

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Cube-shaped impression
  • Decanter Capacity: 1L, Height: 22.5cm, Width: 14.5cm Tumbler Capacity: 240ml, Height: 8.5cm, Width: 8.5cm
  • Engraving charge is for a message to 1 side of the decanter - approx 4-5 lines of text. Should you have specific requirements please get in touch we are always happy to assist.

LSA Cask Whisky Square Decanter


The decanter is mouth blown by skilled artisans to create a contemporary, straight-sided shape, square in cross section. The heavy glass stopper has a corresponding cube shape and is hand ground for a perfect fit.

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Contemporary square shape
  • Hand-ground stopper
Video illustrates the decanter set - please note the price is for the decanter only