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Highland Cow Decanter 600ml

Seeing as our Decanters have proved to be such a big hit with our customers, we're now introducing aHighland Cow Decanter. This specific design consists of a beautiful Highland Cow and Thistle design clinging to the decanter. Price is for the decanter only - you can purchase the glass separately It makes a beautiful addition to any dinner party or gathering and will definitely get people talking! Perfect for serving your favourite tipple. Holds 600ml

LSA Verso Decanter 1.35L

Original price was: £90.00.Current price is: £80.00.

A mouth-blown decanter, engraved by hand with two split circular cuts. The stopper is ground by hand to fit perfectly within the decanter's neck.

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Slim neck
  • Cylindrical shape
  • Bespoke hand-ground stopper
  • Hand cut and polished decoration
Capacity: 1.35L, Height: 26cm, Width: 12.5cm
Materials & making:
Mouth blown by skilled glassblowers to create the weighty base and classic shape. The stopper is ground by hand for a perfect fit. Skilled engravers cut the glass by hand with great precision against a diamond wheel. The cuts are then hand polished for clarity.

Verso Collection: An elegant collection of classic mouth-blown drinkware decorated with two opposing semi-circular cuts.