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LSA Cask Whisky Glass Tumbler Single Glass


New for 2021 @ Walters of Clydebank  contemporary mouth-blown whisky tumblers. A cube-shaped impression in the heavy base is reminiscent of a large ice cube and is designed to complement the geometric shapes of the Cask collection decanters.

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Contemporary shape
  • Heavy base with cube-shaped impression
  • PRICE ILLUSTRATED IS FOR A SINGLE GLASS should you require a single gift box please order here
Capacity: 240ml, Height: 8.5cm, Width: 8.5cm
Due to their handmade nature, the size of these items may vary slightly.
Engraving is for a single  glass to be engraved to one side .
Should you require a base for a set of 2 please order here

LSA Mist Tumbler 390ml

Original price was: £16.00.Current price is: £12.00.
  • Inspired by wisps of mist hanging in the air.
  • For water, juice or wine.
  •  handmade tumblers with sandblasted walls.
  • MIST is a unique collection of contemporary glassware. Each piece is sandblasted by hand producing a subtle frosted effect that fades towards the rim or base, enhancing the simple outlines.
  • Handwash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • 325ml
  • price is per glass - these glasses come boxed in sets of 2 in lsa packaging therefore if you purchase a single glass it will not be in LSA packaging.

On offer while stocks last Engraving will be placed above the frosted section.

LSA Moya Whisky Tumbler 290ml

Gift-boxed in pairs, these chic, modern tumblers, with their pleasingly weighty base, add a touch of decadence to any table setting and social event. The glasses can be bought as a single glass or pairs, engraving will be positioned to one side. Price illustrated is for a single glass and engraving is per glass,  should you require a single gift box please order here Capacity: 290ml, Height: 11cm, Width: 9cm Materials & making
Mouth blown as a single piece of glass to create a contemporary tumbler with a thick, tapering stem and fine rim. The rim is fire-polished to achieve a smooth finish.