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Emperor Medal Series 40mm

Emporer medal series available in gold, silver and bronze. Free  sports centre  please specify which sport your medal is for when ordering and we will endeavour to supply the appropriate sport image. If you require your own club centres please get in touch and we will send you a quote - the minimum order quantity for printed centres is x 100 and the price is .28p per centre

Emperor Medal Series Gold & 10mm Blue Ribbon

Emperor Medal Series Gold 40mm PRICE INCLUDES BLUE RIBBON AND A CENTRE. Please indicate which sport you require in the centre and if we do not have the relevant sport centre we will advise you. Should you require your own design centres there is a minimum order of x 100 centres + medals  required for this service.

Olympic male medal Copper

Olympian male medal in copper. 50mm. On offer

Silver running medal special offer

Silver running medal on offer, 50mm while stocks last.

Titan Medal Series 45mm

Titan medal 45mm available in gold , silver & bronze. Free insert please specify your sport and we will endeavour to supply the relevant sport. We also offer a printed logo service , the minimum order  quantity is x 100 and the cost is .28p per centre. Please let us know if you require this service.

Valour Medal 50mm

Original price was: £1.50.Current price is: £1.25.
50mm medal in gold, silver , bronze - free insert please specify your sport and we will endeavour to supply a centre depicting your sport.